Raja Yoga Discourses & LecturesProf K. Subramanyam 17/11/2009

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Date: 17.11.09
Venue: Mangal Mandir
Chanting: Raj Yoga
Chanted by: Hema
Discourse: Raj Yoga
DiscourseBy: Dr R Ranganji
Discourse by

Dr R Ranganji,

SVYASA, Bangalore, India


1.Suprabhatam, Sushwagatam (Good morning and welcome)……….
2.Moksha is not an object to be attained. It is inherent.
3.Impurity of mind is removed by Sadhana.
4.Dust is removed from the pond and water is seen. Similarly, Guru removes dust in our mind and Moksha is felt.
5.There is struggle in our mind. We have struggle of ‘being’ (about present) and ‘becoming’ (about future).
6.When internal struggle removed, external struggle (like war) is removed.
7.Enjoy each movement of Sadhana while doing Pranayama and cyclic meditation.
8.If Sadhana is enjoyed then we have full filled all our desires.
9.Nothing remains to be achieved or attained.
10.Vairagya comes i.e. a stage beyond likes and dislikes. The attitude is changed and equanimity is felt.

Dr R Rangan, brought up in the traditional way in vedic culture, did his Vedantic Studies under Sri Sivarama Krisna Sastry of Kanci Sankara Muth. He learnt Bhakti Shastras from Sri Krisnapremi Swamigal and Vyakarna and Sahitya Shastras from Sri Tirumalachary. He delivers discourses on Vedas, Upanishads, Epics and Puranas. He has published several books on Vedic Dharma and culture. He is a lecturer in the Division of Yoga and Spirituality, SVYASA. His PhD thesis was on the comparative study of Gurukula way of education with Modern Education.