Raja Yoga Discourses & LecturesProf K. Subramanyam 27/07/2010

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Date: 27.07.10
Venue: Prathana Mandir, Prashanti Kutiram, Bangalore
Chanting: Raja Yoga
Chanted by: Sumati, Student
Discourse: Raja Yoga
DiscourseBy: A. Subramanian
Discourse by

A. Subramanian,
Course Coordinator,
S-VYASA, Bangalore, India


1.Suprabhatam, Sushwagatam (Good Morning & welcome)…
2.‘Guru Shishya’ (teacher & student) tradition transforms real knowledge.
3.Only teacher can give practical knowledge.
4.Similarly, a realized soul can help other to realized soul.
5.Very presence of spiritual master can solve many problems.
6.Now days, yoga can be learned from Television or websites.
7.However, it can not help us to experience bliss of Yoga or see god everywhere.
8.Divinity is oneness, it alone exist.
9.We are not separate from this divinity. It is our basic nature.
10.When we surrender to Guru, we expand with knowledge.

Sri A Subramanian
is the Course Coordinator at SVYASA University. He has been involved in many spiritual movements including the Ramakrishna Mission. He states very emphatically that a very prominent question in his mind, “What next?” stopped from the moment he started his contribution at SVYASA. For him, since then, this question has not reappeared