Raja Yoga Discourses & LecturesProf K. Subramanyam 30/12/2009

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Date: 30.12.09
Venue: Mangal Mandir
Chanting: Raja Yoga
Chanted by: Rukminiji,Staff
Discourse: Raj Yoga
DiscourseBy: N V Raghuramji
Discourse by

N V Raghuramji,

International Coordinator and senior yoga instructor, SVYASA, Bangalore, India


1.Earth and Sun maintain dynamic balancing in the orbit. A tight rope walker needs balancing carefully.
2.Yoga is maintaining balance.
3.Discipline comes from within. Nature is disciplined and behaves in orderly manner.
4.Flowers and fruits grow in the orderly manner. Birds wake up early at the same time.
5.Discipline is part of Raj Yoga.
6.Raja Yoga is path of will power.
7.If we feel, we are disciplining ourselves and controlling ourselves it becomes Yoga.
8.Discipline is not enforced. In yoga, discipline come from within whereas in military discipline comes from outside.
9.Truth, non-violence, non-stealing and cleanliness are discipline for world inside. Obsessive discipline is not required.
10.Inner harmony is journey from outside to inside.

Shri N V Raghuram , BE (Civil),
is International Coordinator and senior yoga instructor of VYASA. He has given thousands of lectures on Yoga, conducted hundreds of workshops and trained hundreds of yoga instructors around the globe.