Adopt a Research Project

‘ Adopt a Research Project’, is a program which gives opportunity to individuals from all walks of life to contribute and be a part of our emerging research projects. Individuals or companies can choose research  projects of their interest, fund and adopt a research project of their own or make a smaller contribution towards the research project.

Various interesting research projects are available to choose from across various fields like- on Diabetes, Cancer, Stress, Depression, Geriatric (old age) problems, Night shift workers and also unique project trying to understand the science behind spirituality and traditional practices of our country like yajna, homa, etc.

 So, be a proud partner of this noble initiative and in our effort to unearth the true potential of yoga & in constructing a healthy future for the generations to follow.

Donor Benefits

  • Tax exemption under 80 (G) or 35 (i) (ii)
  • Complementary yoga sessions and workshops for your employees
  • Acknowledgement in research publications
  • Opportunity to be a part of the world class research
  • Self satisfaction of being a part of the health revolution

Researcher Benefits:

  • Avoid longer waiting periods in research funding agencies
  • Can work on the ‘quality’ of their research projects
  • Self-sustainablility
  • Establish public-private partnership, to catalyse a large scale health revolution