Joint Director (R &  D)

Dr. Manjunath N K

Manjunath N K


Dr. Manjunath N K  holds the positions of Joint director of research and development at Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation, Bengaluru. He is also the Editor of International Journal of Yoga (IJOY), a semiannual yoga research publication of S-VYASA. He has 20 years of research experience and holds more than 25 research publications on Yoga. He has guided more than 15 M.Sc. & 8 M.D. students in yoga. He has presented number of papers on Yoga and Naturopathy in many national and international conferences.

List of Publication;  Emailnkmsharma@svyasa.org   Tel No: 080-22639983

Associate Professor 

Dr. Ramesh MN

Ramesh Mavathur

MSc. Ph.D.

Dr Ramesh Mavathur, completed his PhD in the field of Molecular Biology from Max Plank University, Germany. He underwent Post Doctoral Training at University of Massachusetts, program in Gene Function and expression & at Molecular medicine department. Presently is heading the Molecular Biology Laboratory. His expertise is in Next Generation Sequencing, Microarray hybridisation; Real Time – PCR; Transfection; ELISA and DNA foot printing to name a few.His special interest is in unveiling the Molecular mechanisms involved in body-mind interactions and their probable roles in disease prevalence and their prognosis.

List of Publication;  E-mailramesh.mavathur@svyasa.org;  Tel No: 080-22639915

Assistant Professor (Sr):

Dr. Raghavendra Bhat

Raghavendra Bhat,

M.Sc., Ph.D.

Dr Bhat has done his PhD on “Psychophysiological Effects of Two Meditative States Described in Yoga Texts”under the guidance of Dr. Shirley Telles and Dr. H. R. Nagendra at S-VYASA University. At present he is working as a Assistant Professor in the Division of Yoga and Life Sciences, S-VYASA, Bangalore.  He is also a Sub-Editor of International Journal of Yoga (I-JOY). He has 10 research publications on yoga and co-authored a chapter on “Yoga: Physiology and Applications in Therapy and Rehabilitation” in a book ‘Best & Taylor’s Physiological Basis of Medical Practice for Students’ with Dr. Shirley Telles. His research interests are Yoga and Psychophysiology. He is leading Psychophysiology research group at Anvesana research laboratories. Apart from research, he has conducted many workshops on Yoga, Meditation and stress management.

List of Publication; Email: raghavendra.bhat@svyasa.org;  Academic website: rmonlineclass


Dr. Rajesh S.K.

Rajesh S K

M.Sc., Ph.D.

Dr. Rajesh S.K completed his PhD in 2014 from S-VYASA University, currently he is working as Assistant Professor and Head of PhD programs. His PhD work has focused on the relationship between mindfulness and impulsivity in emerging adults and immediate effect of breathing practice on behavioral measures of impulsivity. He teaches Neuropsychological Assessment, Health Psychology, Research Methods and Scientific Writings.As he had worked as a software developer prior to developing interest in psychology & Yoga, he has good expertise in handling large data and computerized neuropsychological assessments. His area of research interests is Yoga Techniques, Mindfulness, Spirituality, Addiction, Impulsivity, Executive function, Mindful Emotional Regulation and Implicit Cognition. Further, he is actively involved in project evaluation committee of SVYASA University to enhance the quality of Master’s and PhD Research.

List of Publications:  Email: rajesheskay@svyasa.org


Judu illavarasu, M.Sc., Ph.D. 

Dr. Judu Ilavarasu is a Chemistry graduate, later took up the study of Yoga and Psychology. He obtained his PhD in Yoga from S-VYASA in 2014, and since then working there as an Assistant Professor. He teaches Research Methodology, and Subtle Energy Models and Measurements.

His area of research interests are Psychology, and Bioenergy. In psychology, using Implicit measures for Yoga research to understand inherent inclinations towards various constructs without self-presentation biases, developing new tools for Yoga research, are some of his areas of interest. In the field of Bioenergy, understanding the phenomenon of subtle energy, its mechanism and their assessments; and its application to mind body medicine, and consciousness studies.

List of Publications:        Email: judu@svyasa.edu.in 


Deepeshwar Singh

Deepeshwar Singh, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Mr. Singh is working as Assistant Professor at S-VYASA Yoga University, Bangalore. He has completed his Ph.D. in Electrophysiology, Neurophysiology and Heamodynamic responses in wakeful states. And also, how wakeful states of meditation influence cognition and attention. He started his research work with Human Auditory Evoked Potentials in four mental states [Random thinking (cancalata), concentration (ekagrata), focused meditation (dharana) and effortless meditation (dhyana)] in Indian Council of Medical Research – Centre for Advanced Research in Yoga and Neurophysiology (ICMR-CAR Y&N) project in 2009. Later, he worked on EEG-fMRI research entitled “Mapping neurophysiological, neurochemical and neuroimaging changes in attentional processes related to yoga practice” funded by Department of Science and Technology, Cognitive Science Research Initiatives (DST-CSI), Govt. of Inida, where he traced neural pathways in two relaxation techniques (Cyclic Meditation and Supine Rest) and three attention tasks (visual oddball, stroop color word and visual n back tasks). His research interests are, to understand neural mechanism and hemodynamic responses during and after yoga practices related to cognition.

List of Publications:        Email: deepeshwar.singh@gmail.com


Dr. Guru Deo, M.A., M.L.I.Sc., PGDYT, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Completed his Ph.D. on the topic entitled “Study the Effect of Anapanasati Meditation Technique through EPI (Electrophotonic Imaging) Parameters” under the guidance of Dr. Itagi Ravi Kumar and Dr. TM Srinivasan at S-VYASA Yoga University.

Completed his master degrees from Mangalore University and Awadh University. At present, he is working as Assistant Professor in the Division of Yoga and Physical Sciences, and heading PhD. Programs in  S-VYASA, Bangalore.

Major area of  work-interest, research  & teaching – Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Meditation and Advance Hatha Yoga Practices, Hatha Yoga Texts, Mind-body Medicine etc.

Involved to understand underlying mechanism and involved measurement tools in above practices.

List of Publications https://scholar.google.co.in/citations?hl=en&imq=Dr+Guru+Deo&user=nzF-1ocAAAAJ

Email. gurudeo@svyasa.org, gurudeo.yoga@gmail.com Cell. No. +918088489025

 Assistant Professor (Jr):

Ragavendrasamy B

Ragavendrasamy B,  B.N.Y.S., Ph.D. Scholar

Ragavendrasamy Balakrishnan is a medical graduate with Gold Medal in Naturopathy and Yoga Bachelors. His major area of interest and work lies in understanding the mechanisms underlying Yoga and Aging processes. His recent projects were to understand the ‘Role of grass walking over heart rate variability’ and to determine the ‘Effect of Hot Foot Immersion over sleep architecture’ in the domain of Naturopathy. In Yoga, his recent studies were to identify the ‘Efficacy of awareness based meditation techniques in regulating blood glucose levels and anxiety associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus’ and ‘Regulation of breathing to enhance the respiratory endurance and performance in competitive swimmers’. He is well versed in the areas of gene expression studies and basic biochemistry using gene sequencer, microarrays and RTPCR; Autonomic Functions testing & stress response.

His Doctoral work is on a project entitled “Identifying the pathways towards well-being through Yoga”, where he is working on to understand the co-ordination dynamics of various feedback mechanisms involving epigenetic pathways and allostatic load in pre-clinical states of metabolic syndrome and how Yoga and life style practices influence these feedback mechanisms.

List of Publications:        Email: ragavendrasamy.b@svyasa.org 



Nivethitha LB.N.Y.S., Ph.D. Scholar    

At present working as Assistant Professor in S-VYASA University. Completed graduation in Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences at Government Yoga and Naturopathy medical College at Chennai. Now she is pursuing PhD in Cerebral Hemodynamics of breathing practices and its relevance in clinical practices at S-VYASA University.


List of Publications:        Email:    



Data Entry Operator:

Basavaraj A

Basavaraj Angadi

Currently he is working as Personal Secretary to Joint Director of Research and Development as well as Data entry operator. Doing post-graduation in yoga therapy and involved in research activities. Along with this he is also a coordinator of Instructional Ethics Committee (IEC) in the present institution and involve in lab administration.


Email: basavaangadi91@gmail.com