Dr H R Nagendra ME.,Ph.Ddr nagendra

Dr HR Nagendra holds PhD in Mechanical Engineering from IISc, Bangalore. After receiving his doctorate in 1968, he served as faculty of IISc in Department of Mechanical Engineering. Then, he went to Canada as Post Doctoral Research Fellow in the University of British Columbia, Canada in 1970. From there, he moved to NASA Marshall Space Flight Centre, USA as Post-Doctoral Research Associate in 1971 and moved to Engineering Science Laboratory, Harvard University, USA as a Consultant in 1972. He served as Visiting Staff at Imperial College of Science and Technology, London later. In 1975, he joined Vivekananda Kendra, a service mission as a whole-time worker.  Director of Training Centre, Vivekanandapuram, Kanyakumari. Between 1975 and 1993, he served as the All India Secretary, Yoga Shiksha Vibhag, Vivekanand Kendra, Kanyakumari. He is the founder and President of Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana, Bengaluru.

Currently, He is the Chancellor of Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana, a Yoga University in Bangalore. He is also Chairman of Task force of AYUSH, Govt, of India, New Delhi. He has published 30 Research Papers in Engineering and more than 220 research papers on Yoga. He has authored and coauthored 40 books on Yoga. He has received several awards for his life time achievement in the field of yoga including Padmashree by govt. of India.

Publications       Email: chancellor@svyasa.edu.in


Dr. R. Nagarathna MBBS., MD.,FRCP, DScdr nagaratna

Dr. R. Nagarathna is one of the pioneers in the field of Yoga therapy. She is the Dean, Division of yoga and life sciences and chief consultant at Arogyadhama, SVYASA. Dr Nagarathna did her MBBS from Bangalore medical college, MD in internal medicine fromMysore medical college, Her MRCP and FRCP from Edinburg, UK. She has over 80 publications in national and international journals and has 11 books on series of yoga for different ailments published. She been felicitated with numerous awards such as the: Patanjali Award” (2000) for contributions in the field of yoga by Indian Systems of Medicine and homoeopathy(ISM & H), Ministry of health and family welfare, Government of India, arranged through Director, ISM & H in Bangalore. “Dr P S Shankar Vaidya Shree” award (2001) by Dr P S Shankar Pratistana, Gulbarga.“Woman of Excellence” award (2003) by the Badaganadu Sangha Association, Bangalore, for service to humanity through Yoga Therapy. “Karnataka Kalpavalli” award (1995) for ‘Service to women through Yoga’ awarded by ‘Shaswathi’ a women’s organization, NMKRV College, Bangalore. “Doctor’s Day” award (July 1992) by IMA, Bangalore branch.

Publications     Email: rnagarathna@gmail.com

Director – Research and Development

Dr  Manjunath N K BNYS., PhD   manjunath

Dr. Manjunath N K Heads the research department (Anvesana Research Laboratories), at S-VYASA University, Bangalore. He is also the Editor of International Journal of Yoga (IJOY), a Pubmed indexed yoga research publication of S-VYASA. He is also director of VYASA health care global pvt ltd. which is an outreach partner of VYASA and industry partner of S-VYASA University. He has 25 years of research experience and holds more than 30 research publications on Yoga. He has guided more than 15 M.Sc. & 8 M.D. students in yoga. He has presented number of papers on Yoga and Naturopathy in many national and international conferences. He is also member of Scientific Advisory Committee, Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India.

Publications   Email: nkmsharma@svyasa.org   Tel No: 080-22639983


Dr. Ramesh MN

Dr Ramesh Mavathur ,PhD – Professor 

Dr Ramesh Mavathur, completed his PhD in the field of Molecular Biology from Max Plank University, Germany. He underwent Post Doctoral Training at University of Massachusetts, program in Gene Function and expression & at Molecular medicine department. Presently is heading the Molecular Biology Laboratory. His expertise is in Next Generation Sequencing, Microarray hybridisation; Real Time – PCR; Transfection; ELISA and DNA foot printing to name a few.His special interest is in unveiling the Molecular mechanisms involved in body-mind interactions and their probable roles in disease prevalence and their prognosis.

List of Publication;     E-mailramesh.mavathur@svyasa.org;  Tel No: 080-22639915


Dr. Subramanya Pailoor, M.Sc,Ph.D (Yoga and Psycho-Physiology) – Associate Professor Dr Subramanya Pailoor 3.5 X 4.5 CM

Dr. Subramanya Pailoor did his M.Sc. in Yoga Therapy from Kasturba Medical College, MAHE University at Manipal. He received his Ph.D. degree in Yoga and Psycho-Physiology from internationally renowned S-VYASA Yoga University, Bengaluru. His area of research interest is “Psycho-Physiology of Meditation in Yoga”. He  is presently the Associate Professor & a Nodal officer, at S-VYASA Yoga University, Bengaluru. He was holding the responsibility of Registrar, prestigious S-VYASA Yoga University, Bengaluru. He also contributed as Asst. Director – Research and Head–Ph.D. program at S-VYASA Yoga University, Bangalore. He is the Assistant Editor of IJOY-PPP i.e., International Journal of Yoga – Philosophy, Psychology and Parapsychology. He has received Best PhD Thesis Award, Best Research Paper award at National Level and Best oral presentation at International conference on Yoga and Naturopathy.

Dr.  Pailoor organized to receive Grants from the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR), Government of India for International Conferences.He did organize many a conference both at the International and National levels. He did publish and presented several research papers in prestigious and famous International and National Journals and at many a conference. Dr. Pailoor is interested in examining lifestyle changes in the areas of diet and nutrition, physical activity, Stress management and social network to change the risk of developing of lifestyle related diseases and influencing outcomes in those with Diabetes, Obesity, Cancer, and Depression.

Publications    E-mail : pailoors@svyasa.org


Dr. Raghavendra Bhat

Dr. Raghavendra Bhat, M.Sc., Ph.D. – Assistant Professor 

Dr Bhat has done his PhD on “Psychophysiological Effects of Two Meditative States Described in Yoga Texts”under the guidance of Dr. Shirley Telles and Dr. H. R. Nagendra at S-VYASA University. At present he is working as a Assistant Professor in the Division of Yoga and Life Sciences, S-VYASA, Bangalore.  He is also a Sub-Editor of International Journal of Yoga (I-JOY). He has 10 research publications on yoga and co-authored a chapter on “Yoga: Physiology and Applications in Therapy and Rehabilitation” in a book ‘Best & Taylor’s Physiological Basis of Medical Practice for Students’ with Dr. Shirley Telles. His research interests are Yoga and Psychophysiology. He is leading Psychophysiology research group at Anvesana research laboratories. Apart from research, he has conducted many workshops on Yoga, Meditation and stress management.

List of Publication; E-mail: raghavendra.bhat@svyasa.org;  Academic website: www.researchmethods.in



Dr. Rajesh S.K.

Rajesh S K, M.Sc., Ph.D. – Assistant Professor 

Dr. Rajesh S.K completed his PhD in 2014 from S-VYASA University, currently he is working as Assistant Professor and Head of PhD programs. His PhD work has focused on the relationship between mindfulness and impulsivity in emerging adults and immediate effect of breathing practice on behavioral measures of impulsivity. He teaches Neuropsychological Assessment, Health Psychology, Research Methods and Scientific Writings.As he had worked as a software developer prior to developing interest in psychology & Yoga, he has good expertise in handling large data and computerized neuropsychological assessments. His area of research interests is Yoga Techniques, Mindfulness, Spirituality, Addiction, Impulsivity, Executive function, Mindful Emotional Regulation and Implicit Cognition. Further, he is actively involved in project evaluation committee of SVYASA University to enhance the quality of Master’s and PhD Research.

Publications        E-mail: rajesheskay@svyasa.org



Judu illavarasu, M.Sc., Ph.D. – Assistant Professor 

Dr. Judu Ilavarasu is a Chemistry graduate, later took up the study of Yoga and Psychology. He obtained his PhD in Yoga from S-VYASA in 2014, and since then working there as an Assistant Professor. He teaches Research Methodology, and Subtle Energy Models and Measurements.

His area of research interests are Psychology, and Bioenergy. In psychology, using Implicit measures for Yoga research to understand inherent inclinations towards various constructs without self-presentation biases, developing new tools for Yoga research, are some of his areas of interest. In the field of Bioenergy, understanding the phenomenon of subtle energy, its mechanism and their assessments; and its application to mind body medicine, and consciousness studies.

List of Publications:        E-mail: judu@svyasa.edu.in


Deepeshwar Singh

Deepeshwar Singh, M.Sc., Ph.D. – Assistant Professor 

Mr. Singh is working as Assistant Professor at S-VYASA Yoga University, Bangalore. He has completed his Ph.D. in Electrophysiology, Neurophysiology and Heamodynamic responses in wakeful states. And also, how wakeful states of meditation influence cognition and attention. He started his research work with Human Auditory Evoked Potentials in four mental states [Random thinking (cancalata), concentration (ekagrata), focused meditation (dharana) and effortless meditation (dhyana)] in Indian Council of Medical Research – Centre for Advanced Research in Yoga and Neurophysiology (ICMR-CAR Y&N) project in 2009. Later, he worked on EEG-fMRI research entitled “Mapping neurophysiological, neurochemical and neuroimaging changes in attentional processes related to yoga practice” funded by Department of Science and Technology, Cognitive Science Research Initiatives (DST-CSI), Govt. of Inida, where he traced neural pathways in two relaxation techniques (Cyclic Meditation and Supine Rest) and three attention tasks (visual oddball, stroop color word and visual n back tasks). His research interests are, to understand neural mechanism and hemodynamic responses during and after yoga practices related to cognition.

Publications      E-mail: deepeshwar.singh@svyasa.org


Ragavendrasamy B,  B.N.Y.S., Ph.D. Scholar – Assistant Professor 

Ragavendrasamy Balakrishnan is a medical graduate with Gold Medal in Naturopathy and Yoga. His major area of interest and work lies in understanding the mechanissamyms underlying Yoga, Nature cure interventions in Aging process and adaptation. He is well versed in the areas of gene expression studies using microarrays and also in areas of Polysomnography; Autonomic Functions testing & stress response.

He has been working currently on DNA damage and its repair mechanisms in metabolic syndrome apart from studies in establishing an implicit tool to quantify perseverative cognition. Recently as a part of his doctoral work, where he studies the role of Yoga practices in Gene Expression and Telomere Biology in extreme climatic conditions, he had travelled to Antarctica – the coldest and windiest part of the world – as a part of the 35th Indian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica.

Publications     E-mail : ragavendrasamy.b@svyasa.org



Passport PP size photo

Dr. Venugopal V, BNYS, M.Sc Diabetes (UK), PhD Scholar – Assistant Professor 

Venugopal Vijayakumar is a Yoga & Naturopathy consultant and a part of the Molecular Bioscience Laboratory. He had completed his Masters in Diabetes from Edinburgh, UK and currently pursuing his PhD on Yoga and Diabetes. His special interest is in understanding the molecular mechanism underlying Yoga and its potential application in the prevention and management of ‘Diabetes and its complications’. He has hands-on training and specialisation in ELISA, Real Time-PCR, Microarray hybridisation and flash glucose monitoring system.

Few of his current projects on understanding the insulin kinetics behind yoga includes- ‘Effect of Yoga on Glycemic variability in Type 2 Diabetes patients’, ‘Efficacy of Yoga based lifestyle intervention on Acute Phase Insulin Release’ and ‘Efficacy of Yoga in Reversing β-cell Dysfunction’.

Publications     E-mail: dr.venu@svyasa.org


Dr.Guru Deo, M.A., M.L.I.Sc., M.Sc.,Ph. D- Assistant Professor 


Dr. Guru Deo completed his Ph.D. on “Study the Effect of Anapanasati Meditation Technique through EPI (Electrophotonic Imaging) Parameters” under the guidance of Dr. Itagi Ravi Kumar and Dr. TM Srinivasan at S-VYASA Yoga University. He holds three master degrees from Mangalore University and Awadh University. At present, he is working as Assistant Professor in the Division of Yoga and Physical Sciences, S-VYASA, Bangalore. He is also currently discharging his duty as Chief Academic Coordinator for PhD. Programs in S-VYASA. He teaches Energy Medicine, Subtle Energy Models, Measurement, and Advance Yoga Techniques.

His major area of interest and work lies on research related to Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Meditation and Advance Hatha Yoga Practices, to understand subtle energy changes due to practice of any Yogic Techniques, Mind-body Medicine, its mechanism and involved measurement tools.

Publications   E-mail : gurudeo.yoga@gmail.com, gurudeo@svyasa.org


Nivethitha L, B.N.Y.S.,Ph.D. Scholar, Assistant Professor Nivedithitha

At present working as Assistant Professor in S-VYASA University. Completed graduation in Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences at Government Yoga and Naturopathy medical College at Chennai. Now she is pursuing PhD in Cerebral Hemodynamics of breathing practices and its relevance in clinical practices at S-VYASA University.

Publications   E-mail : nivethitha@svyasa.org



Mooventhan A, B.N.Y.S., MD (Naturopathy)   – Assistant Professor Moventhan

At present working as Junior Research Fellow in S-VYASA University. Completed graduation in Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences, Government Yoga and Naturopathy Medical College, Chennai. Now he is working in Brain Hemodynamics, Cognition and Subtle Energy Levels in Teenagers: Investigation of Potential Acute Effects of Mobile Phone Induced EMF and the Protective Value of Yoga Intervention and exploring the basic and clinical studies in the field of Naturopathy.

Publications    E-mail: mooventhan@svyasa.org



Dr. V. Sureshbabu, B.N.Y.S, M.D (Yoga & Rehabilitation) – Assistant ProfessorSureshbabu MD2

Dr. V. Sureshbabu completed his M.D in Yoga & Rehabilitation and working as Assistant Professor in S-VYASA Yoga University, Bengaluru. His M.D work was on a project entitled “Sleep Architecture in Yoga Practitioners : a Comparative  Study”. His recent project was to understand the effect of Yoga therapy in altered circadian rhythm He completed graduation in Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences at   JSS Institute of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences.

E-mail id: sureshbabu@svyasa.org



Mrs. Shashi Prabha, M.Sc. (Microbiology), Clinical Research.- Assistant Professor shashi prabha

Mrs. Shashi Prabha is working as assistant Professor at S-VYASA University, Bangalore. She has completed her master in Microbiology and completed diploma course in clinical research.

She is having experience as Senior Microbiologist and Clinical Research coordinator in Narayana Hrudayalya. She is well versed in the area of clinical research, Microbiology, Biotechnology and gene expression study. Her research interest are effect of IAYT on DNA Damage on metabolic disorder and healthy participants.

E-mail: shashiprabha@svyasa.org



Dr.Mithila M V, M.Sc, Ph.D- Assistant Professor 

Dr Mithila is working as an Assistant Professor at S-VYASA Yoga University, Bangalore. She has completed her Ph.D in 2016 in the field of Biochemistry from Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL), Mysore. Her doctoral research focused on the complex interplay of hypothalamic and peripheral factors involved in appetite regulating mechanism. She was on the lookout for natural sources that can control appetite by manoeuvring the orexigenic and anorexigenic factors like ghrelin, leptin, Serotonin etc.  Her expertise includes ELISA, HPLC, Nanotechnology and animal (rodent) models. At present she is working on the biomarkers of Oxidative / Nitrosative stress and their role play in mediating the benefits of yoga.

Publications    E-mail: mithila@svyasa.org

Ms. Sheetal Arya, M.Sc, PGDB, Senior Research Fellowsheetal

Ms. Sheetal completed her M.Sc in Biotechnology from Kakatiya University Warangal (Telangana) and she had worked for Div. Hematology/Oncology, Univeristy Hospital of Freiburg, Germany on a project titled ‘Regulation of Uchl-1 in Chronic lymphoid leukaemia (C.L.L)’ and Department of Medical Microbiology (University Hospital of Freiburg, Germany) on a project related to ‘Chlamydial Infections in HeLa’. Her expertise is qRT-PCR, immunostaining, anion exchange chromatography, fluorescence microscopy, mammalian cell culture techniques etc. Her special interest lies in investigating the therapeutic effects of yoga on type-2 Diabetes mellitus.

E-mail – sheetalarya2007@gmail.com


Mrs. Thripthi Shetty, M tech  (Biomedical Signal Processing and Instrumentation), Senior Research Fellowthrip

Ms. Thripthi  completed her M tech in Biomedical Signal Processing and Instrumentation. She is Currently working as Senior Research Fellow Trainee at Anvesana Research Lab. Her current project is  ‘Cerebral Autoregulation and sympathetic nervous system activity while performing cognitive task during yoga practices which have different effects on SNS’.

Her M tech Project was ‘Segmentation approaches in foetal neuropathology using Magnetic Resonance Imaging using MATLAB’.

E-mail : thripthi@svyasa.org


Mr. Arun Christin Thariath, B.Tech (Bio-Medical Engineering), Senior Research Fellowarun

Mr. Arun is working as  a Senior Research Fellow at Anvesana Research Laboratories. His current project is ‘PRANAYAMA AUTOMATOR ’,an electronic gadget for the psycho-physiological development of the elderly,disabled and the paralyzed.He is also doing studies on Non Invasive Diagnostic Tools for Cervical Cancer.

His previous projects are ‘Early stage stuttering diagnoser using Electroglottography’ and ‘Robotic Pill Dispenser’. His major areas of research interest are Device Design for the Disabled and Bio-mechanics and Medical Imaging Techniques. He has hands-on training in various hospital equipments. He is  also the coordinator for the engineering graduate interns at Anvesana Research Lab.

E-mail : arun.c@svyasa.org


Mr. Buddhi Rana,M.Sc,- Assistant Professor buddhi

Mr Rana is currently working in S-VYASA Yoga University, Bangalore as Assistant Professor. He has completed his M.Sc from Dev Sanskriti University, Haridwar, India. Immediately after completion he engaged in extensive yogic applied research, working under Dr. Shirley Telles as a Senior Research Fellow in Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar, India. His research interest are Yoga and its application for enhancing Health Neuroscience. He is involved in Cognitive Neuroscience research group at Anvesana research laboratories. Apart from research, he has conducted numerous workshops on Yoga, yogic lifestyle for health and stress management.

E-mail : budhi.rana@gmail.com



Mr. Basavaraj Angadi, Data Entry Operator & PS to Director basu

Currently he is working as Personal Secretary to Joint Director of Research and Development as well as Data entry operator. Doing post-graduation in yoga therapy and involved in research activities. Along with this he is also a coordinator of Instructional Ethics Committee (IEC) in the present institution and involve in lab administration.

Email: basavaraj.angadi@svyasa.org