Sept, 2014 – Editorial by Dr. H R NagendraJi

As we grow to international standards by setting up the state-of-the art Anvesana – research labs with high-end research equipment in all the 5 labs, we have started brainstorming and conducting meetings to write up Proposals to get the necessary fundings for research. The good team of PhD scholars numbering to nearly 150 and 500 MSc students will all become a good asset when we use their time and energy in channelising towards these high end and effective supportive research. The frontier Physics research triggered by the conference on interaction of matter with Hydrogen has led to start investigations on possible nuclear reactions in biological transmutations and simple carbon arc experiment to show the existence of cold fusion existence in nature.

Similarly it has become a necessity to revitalise our Holistic Systems management – HOLSYM to deliver quality services to customer satisfaction and target oriented growth towards zero defect. The last program of opening of renovated Anvesana was one of the best programs which has shown the effectiveness of HOLSYM bringing team spirit to action.

Eye Chart

Eye Chart

What is this HOLSYM?
It is an acronym for Holistic Systems Management adding dimensions to the Total Quality Management System (TQM): health, personality growth and contributions to society.

HOLSYM Features

1. Eye chart
a) Problems solving methodology, b) Daily yoga schedules, c) Meetings: Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly

2. Planning
a) Targets & Schedules, b) Checklist, c) Duty charts, d) VCS Boards

3. Training (HRD)
a) Skill, b) Health, c) Growth and contributions

 4. Execution

 5. Data collection, analysis and presentation: Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly

6. Kaizen and quality teams

7. Feedback from the beneficiaries and visitors

8. Report submission to general body once a year with future plans & targets

Management Systems have been evolving from time to time in tune with the human growth. Scientific methodology and the tools of research have enlarged their vision and refined their strategies. It is at this ‘turning point’ from matter – based to consciousness – based approach in science that the ancient Yoga and Spiritual lore of India is offering a comprehensive vision for scientists to march ahead. Accordingly the profit motivated corporate sector moved to quality based process oriented Total Quality Management and a variety of tools for the management systems.

Objective of Holistic Systems Management (HOLYSM): To add dimensions of health, growth and contributions to society through Yoga to Total Quality Management.

Eye Chart & HOLSYM Structure:
Eye chart depicts the structure of the organization with the chief executive (Secretary or Vice chancellor) at the center of the eyeball, assisted by support (problem-solving) groups, coordination committees, teams of coordinators, joint and assistant coordinators and workers in Karma Yoga modules. Each KYM will have 8 departments and their sections in big departments whenever needed. The Secretary or VC is guided by the core group controlled by managing committee and Board of Management governed by their respective general body of the society. Each KYM will have its own eye chart with coordinator as the eyeball and a structure similar to the main eye chart.

With these features and the ISO we have, we will bring greater and greater quality in our services and operations.

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