Stop Diabetes Movement

SDM Yoga Centers Proposal (1)

Scope and Limitations for VYASA SDM Center

  1. “Stop Diabetes Movement (SDM)” is the social service project of VYASA. The authorization of SDM center is strictly limited only for the activities related to this movement
  2. This center is not authorized for conducting any other course / program of VYASA (e.g – YIC)
  3. Kindly note this center is under VYASA, and not under SVYASA University.
  4. SDM center has to display the banner provided by SDM central office in the same format.
  5. Before circulating any pamphlet, brochure etc, it is mandatory to take approval of proof reading
  6. The scope of activities under SDM center are as below –
    1. Run the yoga therapy classes for prevention and management of Diabetes using IAYT modules of VYASA
    2. Organize and conduct the SDM camps in given area
    3. Organize YADM (Yoga Assistant for Diabetes Movement) and YIDM (Yoga Instructor for Diabetes Movement) in given area
    4. Make memberships under
      • VDFA – VYASA Diabetes Friends Association
      • VDDA – VYASA Diabetes Doctors Association
      • VDYT – VYASA Diabetes Yoga Teachers Team
      • VDYRG – VYASA Diabetes Yoga Researchers Group
      • VDYO – VYASA Diabetes Yoga Organizers Wing
    5. Sales of SVYP material and SDM material
  1. Authorization is valid for one year and has to be renewed every year
  2. VYASA reserves rights for renewal proposal based on the performance of respective center
  3. It is mandatory for all to follow rules and regulation of SDM center authorization

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