Students Welfare Committee

To ensure welfare of student community in all aspects and to resolve their grievances during their stay in campus.


  • To recommend on policies relating to students’ welfare
  • To bring a harmonious atmosphere in campus
  • To recommend on the enhancement of student facilities, students’ life and experiences at the University
  • To review orientation processes and practices of each program in order to ensure these programmes meet the needs of all students
  • To focus on all relevant student issues determined by current events by taking into consideration the suggestions of committee members
  • To attend to grievances of students brought to the notice of the authorities
  • To encourage students to express their grievances by providing them a platform to express their problems


  • Supporting the students to facilitate learning
  • Developing good relationship with students
  • Addressing their various issues
  • Conduct a meeting periodically to discuss students’ welfare.
  • Developing a relationship with parents and organizing meetings for them
  • Organizing special coaching for slow learners
  • Developing students-teacher relationship

Students’ Grievance Redressal Cell
Students’ grievance redressal cell is a part of student welfare committee which was established in the academic year of 2012-2013 to ensure efficient and non-biased of handling the students’ grievances.

The registrar is the chairmen of the cell and all the program coordinators are the members.

Procedure of Lodging Complaints
Either by online application provided in our website or by using the physical forms available at reception. Students can also approach welfare committee members directly.

Online Grievance Form

Online Grievance Form
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Offline Grievance Form

Procedure of Handling Grievances
The grievances will be discussed in the welfare committee meetings based on priority and nature of the complaint. Thereafter instructions will be issued to the concerned department head/coordinator to resolve the grievance and submit an action taken report within a stipulated period. If the department head/co-ordinator is unable to resolve the issue, or submit the action taken report, the complaint will be escalated to registrar for further action.

Members of Students’ Grievance Redressal Cell

Name Responsibility
Dr. Sanjib Patra Chairman
Dr. Ashween Bilagi Convenor
Dr. Amritavarshini Joint convenor
Mrs. Aravinda Assistant convenor
Miss. Manishapriya Student representative
Mr. Sajeeth Student representative
Programme Coordinators