SVYASA Yoga mobile apps by eNovate

SVYASA in collaboration with eNovate has launched two new mobile tablet applications called “STOP DIABETES and STRESS RELIEF” on 12th Jan’13 at prashanti kutiram,SVYASA during the 150th birth anniversary celebration of Swami Vivekananda along with the 10th Convacation ceremony.

yoga apps

The new application includes the following features.

  • Original and authentic content from the founders of SVYASA.
  • Detailed description and benefits of each asana.
  • Text content taken for the books “Yoga for Diabetes” and “Yoga for Stress management”.
  • Theoretical explanation videos by Dr.Nagendra and Dr.Nagarathna.
  • Step by step procedure to achieve the correct procedure for each asana.
  • Work routines and asanas that are proven techniques to prevent and cure ailments like Diabetes and Stress.
  • Customizable workouts for short(20 mins), medium(35 min) and long(1 hour) durations.
  • Comprahensive chart/tables to monitor and track health.

Visit eNovate’s iOS App store or Google Play to download of all SVYASA yoga mobile applications by eNovate at the sale price of Rs.100 (nearly $1.99) only.

Look out for new titles and smart phone apps in the near future at the same.

For the further queries and feedback on mobile applications, mail either to or