VC visited Vidyabharathi Institutions

Students gathered to listen S-VYASA VC Dr. Ramachandra G Bhat at Gurukula of Kurukshetra

Students gathered to listen S-VYASA VC Dr. Ramachandra G Bhat at Gurukula of Kurukshetra

Now, there is a need to spread the knowledge of our ancient wisdom to bring back the past glory of this country. But the question rises how? To convince the present youth with modern context, it should be supported by scientific apt. In this regard S-VYASA Yoga University, is a pioneer in the field of yoga research to unravel the subtle things which relate mind -body medicine by measuring the effects of subtle energy.

To take Yoga as a life style to every door step, we need to enter the education field. We can revolutionize the whole country by inculcating the human values which are very much emphasized in all ancient knowledge based scriptures.

Dr. Ramachandra G Bhat's address in Bharatiya Shiksha Darshan

Dr. Ramachandra G Bhat’s address in Bharatiya Shiksha Darshan

Our esteemed Vice Chancellor, Dr. Ramachandra G Bhat had various presentation, discourses and interactive sessions with the teachers and students of Vidyabharathi group of institutions which are well established in spreading the cultural and traditional based education system at all over India.

A discourse and interactive session on ‘Indianness in Education’ with students and taught was conducted by him on April 25th and 26th at Gita Niketan, Kurukshetra, Haryana. On the same day a workshop on ‘Upanishad based Learning Methodologies’ was also conducted for all faculty members of vidyabharathi education institutes of Haryana state and Kurukshetra University.

On April 27th at Prajna Sadana, New Delhi, there was a discourse on ‘Bhagavadgita based Yoga Psychology’ for Akhila Bharata Shiksha Samsthan of Vidyabharathi. The entire session was emphasized on self-evaluating (Mind Analysing Technique) and solace for all kind of Non – Communicative disorders causes due to the haphazard life system (Mind Tranquilizing Technique) in the light of Triguna concept.

Discussion with Sadhu Sants

Discussion with Sadhu Sants

On 28th at Barsana, the birth place of Sri Radha Rani, a spiritual discourse and discussion was held at Swami Ramesh Ji Baba’s ashram. Everybody witnessed the ecstasy of Para bhakti at the premises of Ashram with swamiji’s bhajans.

Next day there was an interactive session on Yoga, Ayurveda and its education system with the students and staff of Saraswati Vidyamandir, Mathura. The students were guided and inspired to continue their future education in the field of yoga as Human Engineering, instead of going to normal engineering studies.

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