VYASA, International

VYASA is an international research foundation with its headquarters in a sprawling 100 acre rural campus, Prashanti Kutiram, south of the city of Bengaluru, India. It has been recognized as a Scientific & Industrial Research Organization (SIRO) since its founding in1988. VYASA is recognized as a leading research organization responsible for establishing the World’s first peer-reviewed yoga research journal, “International Journal of Yoga” (IJOY). S-VYASA University has also received clearance from Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, to offer 7 courses in distance mode.

As the parent organization, VYASA houses three major organizations on its campus.

Aims: To reach out to the yoga community across the World; to disseminate its yoga research findings and to share the wisdom of the Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy (IAYT).

Conferences: In the year 1991, VYASA organized its first INCOFYRA conference, ‘International Conference on Frontiers in Yoga Research and Applications’. The 20th INCOFYRA will be held in January 2014. Across these years, VYASA has attracted international well wishers, philanthropists, collaborators, students, patients, and visitors. This has led to numbers of VYASA affiliate centers and branches across the World.

With over 25 years leadership in the science of yoga and 11 years of its Yoga University, demand for an organized presence of VYASA across the World, and for efficient international services at its Prashanti Kutiram campus has greatly increased.  VYASA is responding by establishing “VYASA International”, an office exclusively for international affairs.

VYASA International co-ordinates activities of VYASA’s branches, affiliate centers, collaborating institutes and associate centers all over the globe, functioning as a facilitation center for international services at Prashanti Kutiram. VYASA’s President, Dr.Nagendra, and the entire VYASA family invite all members of VYASA and its well-wishers to join us in sharing Swami Vivekananda’s vision of making yoga – ‘a socially relevant science’, ‘an evidence based therapy’, and ‘a path for self-realization’.

The 20th INCOFYRA is being organized by VYASA from January 2-5, 2014 at the Prashanti Kutiram Campus. The last 5 months of 2013 will be devoted to establishing VYASA’s international network. The conference will serve as a meeting point for all VYASA’s and S-VYASA’s international members. Since April 2013 onwards, each Yoga Sudha issue has had an exclusive section on VYASA International and its activities. Welcome aboard!

VYASA International’s team is guided by Dr. Naveen KV, Prof Alex Hankey and Sri G Raghunatha Rao.