Yoga Therapy cured Head Ache

Dec 3rd, I had registered for a week’s Yoga Therapy Course, due to my severe head ache. Though I was seeing a physician and ENT doctor , I could not get any kind of relief from this Headache. I had this head ache continuously from past 2 months (Nov and Oct). I am a working mom, so obviously there would be stress managing home , cooking , work , mother of teenage boy, staying with in-laws , long driving hours etc. I had decided that this is part and parcel of life and this kind of stress, I should get used to it. Unfortunately, this was not the case. I was losing my temper , and multitasking and strenuous activities were stressing me. Though, I knew , doing Pranayama and Yoga was good for health , I was not able to think about it as Time was a constraint. Last year, instead of going on vacation, I decided to take this 1 week yoga therapy course and treat myself . After joining this course, I realized, that I made a wise decision , I was investing time on myself and my health. Well, I was also thinking, “Why did not I do this earlier?”. Staying in Prashanthi, the sessions I underwent changed me so much. It changed the very attitude towards life. Even after finishing my 1 week course, I continued doing the Breathing exercises, Yoga and pranayama every day and now I do not have any headache. I wish I could sustain this life style and would like to thank the therapists , doctors and Dr. Nagarathna Didi for all their help.

Best Regards… Malini