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Swami Vivekananda classified all Yogas into Four Streams of Yoga. He further added that all paths of Yoga lead to the same goal – Moksha! At the Svyasa University, we follow this classification distributing the various sessions in a single day’s schedule into these Yogas.

Use these links to go into the various streams of Yoga:

Raja Yoga – The path of Will Power

Karma Yoga – The path of Action

Bhakti Yoga – The path of Love and Surrender

Jnana Yoga – The path of Intellect

Unity in Diversity – All paths lead to the same goal – Moksha!

Which path of Yoga should one choose Karma, Raja, Bhakti or Jnana Yoga?
It depends on the individual. They are all different paths. If supposing I have got a born gift of having friendship. Some people have got that wonderful capacity to make friends with everybody. They are emotionally very loving, very affectionate.

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Such people find Bhakti Yoga as the supreme and Bhakti Yoga will be very very helpful for them to grow very fast towards the highest achievement. Some people are great intellectuals, they have got powerful intellect. They can understand. They can see through things and mathematics are very strong, logical brain is very strong and left brain-dominant personality. For them the Jnana Yoga is the best. The Jnana Yoga use that intellect to tress transcend the intellect itself to go the highest. There are some people who are very good at hands, doing work, any work you give immediately they are going to do that. They may not be great thinkers but they can do the work very efficiently and see that the work is done. For such people the Karma Yoga is the best. And some people have tremendous willpower. Once they start doing the work, they come what may are going to finish that work. They are go-getters. And such people for then the Raja Yoga is the best. But today in the modern society we need all these four full dimensions. Intellectually you should be very sharp, emotionally you should be highly developed and you should be good at work and also you must have great willpower. Otherwise you cannot face the challenges of the modern era of science and technology. And therefore Sri Aurobindo said we need all of these, you use the integral Yoga and it is this integral Yoga can harmonize and build a total personality. And this integrated approach we use in dealing with different ailments, the Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy. Therefore if a person chooses only Karma Yoga equally fine; a person chooses only Jnana Yoga, alright; if a person chooses Raja Yoga, fine. But he must have an understanding that all past lead to the same goal and each one of this Yoga are complimentary to one another. If you understand that then there is going to be an harmonious growth and once you start growing in one other things will also start following suit. And this is how Swami Vivekananda approaches do it by one or more or all of these and be free, ultimate goal is freedom, mastery, mastery over the mind. Freedom from all diseases, freedom from all tensions and stresses, freedom from all limitations, freedom from all bondages and that is the goal of Yoga.