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Admission Open 2023-2024 YIC, BSc, MSc, BNYS, MD - Yoga, PhD – Yoga, Post-Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy, Post Graduate Yoga Diploma for Doctors, SMET - Self Management of Excessive Tension, ALMC - Ayurveda Lifestyle Management Course ANNOUNCEMENTS: | MSc YT admissions: 08022639907 during office days Whatsapp: 7022024777 | MSc YVT admissions: 08022639965 during office hours Whatsapp:6360338653 | BSc YVT admissions: 08022639965 during office hrs Whatsapp:9538378417 | Non Residential MSc Admission Open | Join Arogyadhama form Friday to Tuesday.


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Yoga Instructor's Course | 1st of every Month | Details | Pay Now

Calendar Events of Academic Year Jan – June 2023 [MBA, MD] | Details

Calendar Events of Academic Year August - December 2023 [BSc.(YT/YVT), MSc.(YT/YVT), MD,Ph.D] | Details

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  • Guidelines and Procedures for the Award of Honorary Degrees (D.Sc. (Honoris Causa)/ D. Litt. (Honoris Causa)) (Details)

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  • Division Of Yoga – Spirituality

  • BSc - Yoga Vedic Therapy Regular, Full-time (Details)

  • Division Of Yoga – Life Science

  • MSc - Yoga Therapy Regular, Full-time & Residential Program (Details)

  • Msc Yoga Integrative Sports Science 2023, Full-time & Residential Program (Details)

  • Msc Yoga Education 2023, Full-time & Residential Program (Details)

  • Msc Yoga and Vedc Therapy 2023, Full-time & Residential Program (Details)

  • Msc Life Style and Stress Management 2023, Full-time & Residential Program (Details)

  • Msc Hata Yoga 2023 , Full-time & Residential Program (Details)

  • MSc - Yoga Therapy, Non-residential Program in Bengaluru (Details)

  • BSc - Yoga Therapy Regular, Full-time & Residential Program (Details)


  • Personality Development Camp (PDC)

    1st - 10th April 2023, 11th - 20th April 2023, 21th - 30th April 2023 Full Details

  • Yoga Instructors Course (YIC)

    1st of every month Full Details

  • Course Name: Introduction to Mudras - "Energy Healing Positions"
    Course by: Dr. Divya Keshavamurthy Starts on: 06th Feb 2023 Register Now , Pay Now , Full Details




  • Course Name: Introduction to Mudra therapy (Theory) | Apply Here | Pay Here

    Course By: Dr. Divya Keshavamurthy | Starts on: 01st June 2023 | Details

  • Course Name: Ashtavakra's Teaching & Efficient Life Management | Apply Here | Pay Here

    Course By: Prof Narayan Behra | Starts on: 15th May 2023 | Details

  • Course Name: Ashtavakra's teaching & Efficient Life Management | Apply Here | Pay Here

    Course By: Prof Narayan Behera | Starts on: 08th May 2023 | Details

  • ShwasKosh Shuddhi Kriya Mr. Rajesh Kanoi | Apply Here |

    05th Nov 2023 Full Details

  • Patanjali Yoga Sutra Chanting: Samadhi Pada Course by: Dr. Srigowri | Apply Here | Pay Here

    10th October 2023 Full Details

  • Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy | Apply Here | Pay Here

    Course by: Dr. H R Nagendra ji | Starting on: Self-paced learning | Details

  • The Isha Upanishad | Apply Here | Pay Here

    Course by: Dr H R Nagendra | Starting on: Self-paced learning | Details

  • Home Care Assistance (6 months) | Apply Here

    Starting on: April/September 2023 | Details


UGC approved Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana, with its acronym S-VYASA as a Deemed to be University in 2002. SVYASA has adopted the concept of Yoga and its applications to meet the challenges of modern society based on the teachings of Swami Vivekananda. The Vision and Mission of S-VYASA are Be and Make.

Combine the best of the EAST with that of the WEST.

SVYASA is the first full-fledged higher education Yoga institution in India and globally, offering UG and PG courses, including Ph.D. academic programs. The uniqueness of S-VYASA is to build total personality in students.

Swami Vivekananda had defined Education as the process of the manifestation of Perfection already in all. To achieve this, he proclaimed

"Each Soul is potentially Divine. The goal of life is to manifest this Divinity within by controlling nature External and Internal. Do it by Work or Worship, Philosophy or Psychic control; by one or more or all of these and be Free" Based on this, we have adopted the expanded definition of Yoga consisting of four streams: Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Raja Yoga, Karma yoga and unity in diversity. And tracks all the five Koshas ( annamaya, Pranamaya, Moanomaya, Vijnanamaya and Anandamaya) of the individual and the whole creation.

Essentially all the UG, PG and Ph D courses are run in residential mode housed in the beautiful Residential Campus called Prashanti Kutiram. Now able to accommodate nearly 2500 students, faculty, etc. Known for its research, we have published more than 500 research papers in peer reviewed National and International reserach Journals fo repute and have been running IJOY and IJPPP technical Journals apart from Yoga sudha a popular monthly. Our 10,000 and odd Alumni are spread all ovder the world.We have the most comprehensive Anvceshana Research lab to track changes in all the five Koshas.
We follow `Indian Ancient Gurukula’ way of education combined with `Modern Scientific’ approach. The emphasis is on hands-on practical experience and in-depth research.
S-VYASA has been approved by the Tripartite Committeee of the UGC / DEC / AICTE as per Recognition Letter. The Recognition for Distance Education courses was continued for 2013...

Our Academics - Division of Yoga

Division of Yoga-Spirituality

To make spirituality as a socially relevant science

Division of Yoga & Life Sciences

To develop a holistic system of health care and science

Division of Yoga & Physical Sciences

Matter based paradigm to consciousness based paradigm

Division of Yoga & Management Studies

Holistic Approach of Management for individual

Division of Yoga & Humanities

To revive the traditional way of value system through yoga

S-VYASA, Deemed to be University Video

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Chancellor’s Message

The wisdom of the ancient Indian scriptures will help in dealing with issues from management strategies to corporate governance in today’s highly competitive world of business. Across the globe the Industry is drawing inputs from the depths of Ancient Indian wisdom. Read more

Vice-Chancellor’s Message

Absolute freedom comes to one whose Self yearns for realization, and whose mind has turned away from evil and has learnt to subdue itself and is at peace with the world. Read more

Advisor’s Message

Dr. Subrahmanyam (MA (English), MA (Philosophy) was born on 16.8.1942, into the auspicious star of Chitra II part, Kanya Rasi, Sandilyasa Gotra, in Sidhantam; West Godavari Dist, A.P. Presumed to have been born in the lineage of Kambhampati Vallabhachary of Pushti Vedanta Bhakti Tradition; Read more

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