Doctor of Medicine Yoga

Doctor of Medicine Yoga


Entrance Exam Results MD Yoga
The course perfectly blends the best of the East (yogic science and ancient healing systems) with the best of the West (rehabilitation medicine and research).

It emphasizes teaching of man-making and introduces a new aspect of earning in a non-competitive practically oriented training but highly stimulating atmosphere. Such training gives a researcher opportunity to publish in indexed journalsand deputation in student exchange programs with foreign universities.

Various experts like Dr. R Nagarathna, Dr. H R Nagendra, Dr. P Nagaraja Rao, Dr. Alex Hankey, and Dr. T M Srinivasan guide students in Yoga therapy, and others like Dr. B N Gangadhar, Dr. Ravindra P from Narayana Health Campus and NIMHANS guide in modern medicine.

This innovative syllabus and teaching methodology under UGC provides challenging international placement opportunities. For more details, refer to career opportunities or S-VYASA alumni placement.


To create qualified and trained post graduate medical consultants to provide integrative healthcare through Yoga


OUTCOME OBJECTIVES: At the end of the course, the candidate should be able to

  • Apply principles and practice of yoga in promotion of positive health (wellness)
  • Prepare and apply yoga therapy modules for prevention & management of diseases
  • To practice evidence-based medicine in yoga
  • Apply the knowledge gained from scriptures related to yoga in medicine

Course Outline


The minimum duration of the residential program will be three-years and the maximum duration allowed to completed the program will be 6 years. The study period will be spread across six semesters.


A candidate having completed 5/5½ years Medical Program from any stream (MBBS, BAMS, BNYS, BSMS, BUMS, BHMS), having completed Yoga Instructor’s Course (YIC) from VYASA/S-VYASA University are eligible to apply for the program.


The new batch for the program gets admitted in August semester every year. Eligible candidates need to clear an entrance and interview, which would be announced on the University website time-to-time.

Dissertation work

Dissertation work is a mandatory requirement for completion of the Program. The candidates must propose a synopsis for a clinical research project in Yoga by the end of second semester. The dissertation must be submitted by the end of forth semester.

Hospital Report

During the time-frame of the Program, candidates will be posted to the University teaching hospital and other associated hospitals. Presentation of the hospital report is a mandatory criterion for completion of the program.

Course Curriculum

Details of the Course

The teaching hours including the theory, practical, tutorial, clinical postings per semester are enlisted below

Semester I

Theory subjects

SubjectsSubject codeCreditsHours
Yoga medicine-IMDYT-1010460
Clinical MethodsMDYT-1020460
Vedas, Upanishads and DarshanasMDYT-1030460
Research methodology IMDYT-1050460

Practical subjects

SubjectsSubject codeCreditsHours
Yoga medicine clinical-IMDYP-1010260
Clinical methods PracticeMDYP-1020260
Asana, Pranayama, Meditation IMDYP-1030260
Yoga therapy practiceMDYP-1040260

Identification of Research Topic & Allotment of Guides

Semester II

Theory subjects

SubjectsSubject codeCreditsHours
Yoga medicine-IIMDYT-2010460
Srimadbhagavad GitaMDYT-2030460
Research Methodology IIMDYT-2040460
Physiological Effects of YogaMDYT-2050460

Practical subjects

SubjectsSubject codeCreditsHours
Yoga medicine clinical-IIMDYP-2010260
Counselling ClinicalMDYP-2020260
Asana, Pranayama, Meditation IIMDYP-2030260
Advance yoga technique-IMDYP-2040260

Preparation and Presentation of Synopsis

Semester III

Theory subjects

SubjectsSubject codeCreditsHours
Yoga medicine-IIIMDYT-3010460
Complementary & Integrative MedicineMDYT-3020345
Patanjali Yoga Sutra & Yoga VasisthaMDYT-3030460
Nutrition and DieteticsMDYT-3040345
ICT in medicineMDYT-3050230

Practical subjects

SubjectsSubject codeCreditsHours
Yoga medicine clinical-IIIMDYP-3010260
Complementary & Integrative Medicine ClinicalMDYP-3020260
Asana, Pranayama, Meditation IIIMDYP-3030260
Nutrition and Dietetics clinicalMDYP-3040260
ICT in medicine PracticeMDYP-3050260

Data Collection

Semester IV

Theory subjects

SubjectsSubject codeCreditsHours
Yoga medicine-IVMDYT-4010460
Rehabilitation Medicine & Palliative CareMDYT-4020460
Hatha Yoga (HYP, GS and HR)MDYT-4030460

Practical subjects

SubjectsSubject codeCreditsHours
Yoga medicine clinical-IVMDYP-4010260
Rehabilitation Medicine & Palliative Care ClinicalMDYP-4020260
Asana, Pranayama, Meditation IVMDYP-4030260
Advance yoga technique-IIMDYP-4040260
Dissertation WritingMDYPW04120
Semester V

CLINICAL POSTING-I: Neurology, Oncology, Cardiology, Respiratory Medicine, Gastroenterology

Semester VI

CLINICAL POSTING-II: Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology, Endocrinology, Rheumatology, OBG

Time Table

  • Time table for 1st Sem | (Details)
  • Time table for 4th Sem | (Details)

How to Apply

  • Dr. Apar Avinash Saoji
    Head, MD Program


3 Years

Skill level


Batch Limit