Self Management of Excessive Tension

Self Management
of Excessive Tension


Stress – The Pluses & Minuses

Man’s quest for knowledge and freedom since time immemorial has led him to become an intellectual giant but also added dimensions of stress and hypersensitivity resulting in deterioration of the Quality of life with many social and health hazards.

Stress is part of life and necessary for growth, but for it we stagnate. It induces awareness, alertness and shatters inefficiency. A ‘Must’ built into our system as ‘Stress Reaction’. Modern life beset with “Speed and Greed” turns alertness and sharpness to hypersensitivity leading to hazards of escalating NCDs (Non-Communicable Diseases) including cardiac arrest, strokes as also psychiatric illnesses.

What is the way out from this Stressful Burnout?
  • First is to Stimulate and Relax as advocated in Mandukya, the shortest of Upanisads – the science of Holistic living. Balanced sensitivity with Expanding awareness – the key for growth.
  • Next is to synergise all efforts of team members to develop team spirit through Group awareness. Creativity enhancement to build and learn the art, and science of converting “challenges to opportunities” by practice.

Evidence Base

Extensive and in depth research published in peer reviewed index journals has proven that half an hour practice provides thrice as much rest as 6 hours of good sleep. Brain wave coherence, enhanced information processing in the brain for higher concentration, memory, and creativity has been demonstrated. Control of health hazards and modern NCDs through tailor made modules published in renowned journals as BMJ (British Medical Journal) shows the usefulness of the SMET Modules.

Program Modules

  • 1 day: 8 hours CM (Cyclic Meditation) Module (Saturdays)
  • 2 days: SMET – Self Management of Excessive Tension (Saturdays & Sundays)
  • 3 days: Advanced SMET (Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays)
  • 5 days: Avartan – Rejuvenation – SMET-R (Monday to Friday)
  • 1 month: Teachers Training (TT-SMET) – Starting 10th of every month

All the above programs are conducted in our serene residential campus ‘Prashanti Kutiram’ of S-VYASA University and could also be held at suitable Client Locations upon request

Course Content

  • Introduction to SMET
  • Concept of Stress
  • Stress and its Release
  • Executive Growth
  • Group Dynamics
  • Research Summary of SMET
  • VYASA Movement
  • Integrated Approach to Yoga Therapy
  • Techniques of Relaxation
  • Practicals – Special Modules of Cyclic Meditation, Instant, Quick & Deep Relaxation Techniques
  • A-SMET, SMET Health Rejuvenation


  • Dr. H R Nagendra, ME, PhD (Mechanical Engg): Chancellor, S-VYASA University, Former Researcher at NASA Marshall Space Flight Centre and Consultant, Harvard University, USA. Author and co-author of 45 books on Yoga and over 100 research papers on Yoga and its applications. Chairman of Chairmanship of IDY – Task Force & Documentation Committee by CCRYN, Member of Padma Award Committee, Padma Shri awardee, Distinguished Alumni Award of IISc, Member of Governing Council of NIMHANS, President of VYASA & VYASA – International.
  • Dr. R Nagarathna, MD, FRCP, DLITT, DSc: Chief Medical Officer, VYASA, Director of SDM movement. Author and co-author of over 30 books and over 50 research papers on Medical Applications of Yoga
  • Sri T Mohan, BA, YTIC, MSc: Secretary, VYASA. Trained about 2000 Yoga teachers. Travelled over twelve countries conducting SMET and other Yoga related classes.
  • Dr. Srinidhi K Parthasarathi, BE, PGDM, PhD: Registrar, S-VYASA
  • Dr. N K Manjunath, BNYS, PhD: Director (Research & Development), S-VYASA
  • Prof. K Subrahmanyam, MA (Eng), MA(Phil), PhD: Dean, Division of Yoga & Humanities, S-VYASA
  • Dr. Rabindra Acharya, MSc, PhD: National Co-ordinator for SMET programs, S-VYASA
  • Dr. Sony Kumari, MA, PhD: Associate Professor and Controller of Examinations, S-VYASA
  • Sri Ashok Kumar, Former Tata Officer in Jamshedpur, Adviser to Arogyadhama
  • Dr. Sanjib Kumar Patra, MSc, PhD: Associate Professor, S-VYASA
  • Dr. Raghavendra Bhat, MSc, PhD: Assistant Professor, S-VYASA
  • Dr. Ragavendrasamy B, BNYS, PhD: Assistant Professor, S-VYASA

Our Clients


To enable us to organize and facilitate, a minimum of 2 weeks notice is required

  • Registration & pricing information is available upon request

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